Hell is empty, all the Devils are here

May brave Spirit! Who was so firm, so constant, that this coil did not infect
his Reason?
Not a soul But felt a Feaver of the mind, and play’d some tricks of
desperation; all, but Mariners, plung’d in the foaming brine, and quit the
Vessel: the Duke’s Son, Ferdinand, with hair upstairing (more like Reeds
than Hair) was the first man that leap’d; cry’d, Hell is empty, and all the
Devils are here.


When was it, that life just stopped smiling? Can’t remember, when the small things just don’t cut it anymore and the larger ones seem out of reach or just don’t matter anymore. When was it, that life stopped smiling?

The moment I died

A simple life

Thinking about the things to come

The life ahead

Anxiety fear for death pushed aside by youth

Genius dies

A carpenter that never felt a tree

A kiss

Gone forever

Even when I run into the storm

It doesn’t matter

I doesn’t

The moment I died