Mountain The Game for OS X, iOS, Windows and Android

Mountain the game

Mountain is a really nice game for OS X, iOS, Windows and Android. The goal of the game is being a mountain. A very Zen like game. ‘Cause being a mountain does not ask for a lot of active gameplay just like a real mountain that is just there. You can collect a lot of stuff on your mountain. It just drops on your mountain. Like things do on mountains when they are left behind. Continue reading

Apps won’t update in App Store fix

I ran into the problem that my apps couldn’t update in the App Store. The update all option is greyed out and when I touch update, the app will open instead of updating. I did nothing special with my iPhone, the problem just appeared. Apps won’t update in App Store fix Here’s a fix. Go into the App Store Go to search Type in the name of the app When it appears touch open and then it will update Did you find another fix fot apps won’t update in the App Store ? Please let me know in the comment box.

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