I am honored

I am honored

Hey, what are you doing?

I lost. You won.

Stop. Why the hell would you try to do that?

Hey, butter fingers, what else can I say?

What you said

making sure that I won. Is that what this is?

You think I’ll be thankful that you did this, huh?

Take another throw.

And I still wouldn’t be able to win.

Ugh. Just let me lose this thing in style, okay?

Ji-yeong, that’s bullshit! Stop acting cool and just do a real throw!

[Sae-byeok sobs]

I have nothing.

[Sae-byeok] What?

You got a reason to get out of this place,

but I don’t.

[breathing shakily]

I thought hard about what I’d do.

If I were the one who got out since you asked me earlier.

No matter how hard I thought, though, I got nothing.

[sniffles, sobs]

The one who should have a reason to get back out there…

that’s what’s right.

[Ji-yeong sobs]


You can do it. Don’t die in here, okay?

And go…

And go meet your mother.

Go get your brother too.

[chuckles] And go to Jeju Island.

[somber music continues]

[Ali] Sang-woo.

Sang-woo, where are you?

Sang-woo? Sang-woo, hello?

I’m done with this side.


[Ali] Sang-woo!

[somber music]


[somber music continues]

[shaky breathing]

[gun cocks]


[woman on PA] Player 199, eliminated.

[wistful music]

[Ji-yeong] Kang Sae-byeok!


I’m honored…

that we were partners.


[gun cocks]



[woman on PA] Player 240, eliminated.

[sobs quietly]

[Gi-hun sobs]

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