Seaside town

Seaside town Lyrics

This is just the kind of place I’ve always imagined!

Oh GG, we can see the ocean from here!

We can fly with our spirit

GG, I’ve decided not to leave this town.
Maybe I can stay and find some other nice people who will like me and accept me for who I am.

Trust in your spirit! Yes, yes! Thats exactly what I’m talkin about.

But we need to each find our own inspiration. Sometimes its not easy.
Maybe I have to find my own inspiration.

Hazy Montagne Mystique

Mysteries and tundra dotted with rainbow sky, the mountain is the summit of kraut gauze freak spirit and freedom of the aurora. Never discouraged, he meets his interstellar beyond the mountain, the love of his eyes.

Drowned in the mountains with his walkman and animated by its sound influences he swims alone at the top.

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Pillars of Creation Squinting at the sun remix

Inspired by the track Squinting at the Sun by Lee Rosevere and Nasa Sounds on Soundcoud. I remixed it into Pillars of Creation. Pillars of Creation Squinting at the sun remix.

Revisiting the ‘Pillars of Creation’

In 1995, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope took an iconic image of the Eagle nebula, dubbed the “Pillars of Creation,” highlighting its finger-like pillars where new stars are thought to be forming. Now, the Herschel Space Observatory has a new, expansive view of the region captured in longer-wavelength infrared light. Nasa released the stunning Pillars of Creation HD pictures.

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The CNN doomsday tape for when the world ends.

A CNN doomsday tape? A rumour about a CNN doomsday tape was going around for a long time. It was supposedly made for the end of the world. Ted Tuner promised to his staff that CNN would be in the air until the world ends.

“We’ll be on, and we will cover the end of the world, live, and that will be our last event. We’ll play the National Anthem only one time, on the first of June [the day CNN launched], and when the end of the world comes, we’ll play ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ before we sign off”.

The last living CNN employee  would press the play button and the CNN doomsday tape would be aired. Possibly for no one to see.

On januari 6 2015 a former intern Michael Ballaban released the CNN doomsday tape. The video is nearly a minute and a band is playing Nearer my gof to thee.

Is this the tape CNN had ready for doomsday?