I like

I like

Wouldn’t it be great if we always had this feeling. Even now, being like grownup.

I Like it

The feeling

I like



Richard Nixon legacy

Richard Nixon is viewed by many as a crook a bad president, a failure. I think this is not the case. I’m absolutely not a republican. I think they have a disturbed  view on the world and the US itself.  But that’s another topic

Nixon had been elected in a difficult time. The USA was fighting a war in Vietnam, the cold war was burning. Big social changes not seen since the time just after world war two. If you look at his foreign  accomplishments in this difficult times he was not a failure as a president. He was a success.

 Foreign policy accomplishments of President Nixon:
  • Initially escalated America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, but subsequently ended US involvement by 1973 through the Paris Peace Accords
  • Opened diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China in 1972 and ushered in a new era of Sino-American relations
  • Initiated détente with the Soviet Union in the wake of his diplomacy with China, leading to SALT I and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
  • Supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War, which led to an Israeli victory and a retaliation by Arab OPEC nations who refused to sell crude oil to the US during the 1973 oil crisis.

The thing is, he got busted for the Watergate affair. Every president has dirty laundry he just got caught. George W Bush is the biggest crook of all, a war criminal. But he just hid his dirty laundry to well.

So I made a Nixon remix. I think it’s a bid sad how history treats him.

Richard Nixon legacy

The brain that wouldn’t die

Created a remix of the movie The brain that wouldn’t die with music from Ian Alex Mac.

Published 1962

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die – Full Version (1962)

Dr. Bill Cortner has been performing experimental surgery on human guinea pigs without authorization and against the advice of his father, also a surgeon. When Bill’s fiance Jan Compton is decapitated in an automobile accident, he manages to keep her brain alive. He now needs to find a new body for his bride-to-be and settles on Doris Powell, a glamor model with a facial disfigurement. Jan meanwhile doesn’t want to continue her body-less existence and calls upon the creature hidden in the basement, one of Bill Cortner’s unsuccessful experiments, to break loose.

Director: Joseph Green

Writers: Rex Carlton (original story), Joseph Green (original story)
Stars: Jason Evers, Virginia Leith and Leslie Daniels

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Can you hear me? remix prelude in C Johann Sebastian Bach

Now i’m become death the destroyer of worlds. The words of J. Robert Oppenheimer the “father of the atomic bomb”  For me these are the words that describe us, the human race, what we’ve become. We’ve created a distorted world. Riches in abundence, a rich society girl loves her stuff and a boy cries for his father who is taken away by soldiers and a bomb that can destroy live on the planet.

Can you hear me?

A remix in reverse giving the distorted feel. If you listen to the original track below you can imagine what we could be as a human race.

Orginal track

If you want to hear more tracks by Kevin MacLeod you can visit him @FMA

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The rise and fall of Barack Obama.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  The day that Barack Obama was elected for his 1st term. After 8 years of Buch’es lying and decifing. Making a mess of the world not seen for 50 years.. It seemed that here was a president who would make things right. It sparked the hope like John F. Kennedy  did in the darkest days of the cold war.

But now after nearly 6 years it turned out to be a glimmer of light that never burned, a rain front that passes. The rise and fall of  Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Bush has left such a mess in the world that it will take more than 20 years to mend. So I will give him still the benefit of the doubt and hope he will do right at the end.

I made the remix  The rise and fall of  Barack Obama, for me, it represents the rise and possible fall of Obama.

Original track: Bleak house – Skirting boards. Visit the artist @FMA 

Epic moment in time