UFO using sun’s mass bend space and time

UFO using sun’s mass

So with enough mass you could bend space and time. If you could harness the gravity of the sun one should be able to manipulate space and time. Instant travel to the stars. Not using gravity of planets as a slingshot but as a way to bend space and time.

Look at this giant UFO using sun’s mass to bend space and time.

The sun’s mass is 1,989,100,000,000,000,000,000 billion kg or 333,060 Earths. This is 99.86% of the total mass of our Solar System. So if a UFO would  use  mass to bend space and time our sun would be a likely candidate. It’s what Star Trek called a Warp Drive, bending space and time. But for it to work, in reality one just can’t engage and use gravity wherever you are, you should be nearby a gravity source, like planets a sun or for the ultimate ride a black whole. It will warp you right into the moment god was born. So how would a spacecraft use this gravity as means for proposal. It’s like diving into a pool, a spacecraft would jump into the gravity into the bended space and time.

Maby we’ve  seen in this vid a UFO using sun’s mass to bend space and time. Proof of aliens.

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UFO using sun’s mass

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