Any dream you want

Any dream you want


Any dream you want
Life is just a dream
series of strangeful events that are not controlled
so why bother trying to control life
just let it go
and wonder


If you get too frightened, you can always wake up

Life is cascading, cause and effect. From the first moment when you grasp for air,  your own butterfly. It determines the rest of you life. Life can be predictated. Ever action of evertyhing in this universe has it’s impact of every human being, past, present, future and unknown. One small rock could sent a astroide hurling our way for a dinasour II.

We Live Inside a Mathematical Equation

So if whe could have a mathematical formula that accounts for everything that ever was, will be, present and the unkown. We could predict Any dream you want. We would know everthing. Every child that will be born, his life death and his butterfly effect. We would know the universe. We would know everthing. Would I finally see who I was, am and will be?

Death is the waking up from the dream of life.


how long is forever

sometimes just a second

Original tracks by TRG Banks

When my dodo comes from hiding I can tell you a secret.

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