Let me free my soul – hoax of my ego

What if everything I thought was just a hoax of my brain.
My thoughts are not constructed things, ideas but just random sounds in the brain that seem to be a pattern and projects the idea of thinking reasoning and the concept of free choice.
Wat is there is no such thing and my life is just en random generated dreamworld.
Where every moment is brand new and at the split second of the new there a past en possible future is created.
Maybe there is only the now for just a brief glimpse of time
And everything else is just like a explosion in the now going forward and backward.
Reality that doesn’t exist is like a big bang of information projected  into the now.
so if this is true
why can’t I live in the now
let the past and future
cripple my thought
if there is only the now
it would free my soul
haunted by the compulsively behaviors
of my ego
to protect the reality that the mind knows that isn’t even there
so I persist with these compulsively behaviors
that once gave comfort
now bind and starve the soul
my eternal conflict
between the mind
the soul
and universal energie
where reasoning restricts me from moving forward
it Suffocates me
so if there is only the now
let me embrace it
let me free my soul

Originals tracks; Absent, Dawn and Falling down by Ryan Little

Lyrics by mE

What dreams may come

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