Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens Trailer preview


Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope

There has been a awakening have you felt it?


I was 9 years old. Probably the dark side would have turned me if it wasn’t for princess  leia and Harrison Ford AKA Han Solo. Never had much for Luke , the I got my morals straight kind of guy, Skywaker. But on the other hand he wanted to fuck his sister. Perf. Anyways, after the first episodes being IV, V and VI it went down the hill. Fuck you Jar Jar Binks. J.J. Abrams is directing. Please do what you did for  Star Trek. Bring it back.

Listen to the essence of the trailer

Here’s a CAM trailer: Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens Trailer Cam . I really enjoy the reaction of the ppl in the theater.

So lean back for another year. Coming in 2015

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