WoW signal decoded

It was August 15, 1977, when astronomer Jerry Ehman was examining data coming from Ohio State University’s radio telescope, which was engaged in listening for signals from deep space, hoping to find something of intelligent origin. In a moment that’s since become one of the most famous events in astronomy, he saw a sequence of six characters on the printout — 6EQUJ5 — which caught his attention. So much so, in fact, that he circled the text, and wrote “Wow!” in the margin.

Never to be heard again
Scientists immediately searched for a repeat of the Wow! signal. They scanned the sky in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, where the signal had come from. And as technology improved, more sensitive telescopes were put on the case, along with software that was designed to find signals among the background noise. But despite several decades of searching, the signal has never been seen again. It remains a mystery.

So what is the Meaning of WOW signal, the WOW signal decoded.
I really liked it to be true. But with a simpel trick you can hear the real signal. It’s just a police signal. I used Audacity to speed up the signal. If you listen careful you can make out it’s just a police call. So sorry to Jody Foster and all of the me’s. Wish it was otherwise.

If you listen carefully you can hear the police code 10-61 or  D.W.I. stand stands for: driving while intoxicated .

This is the orginal WoW recording

Original track from Zender One

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