Trump Cesar Altieri Sayoc



there was a big


hesitation in posting this on my blog. This kind of filth, human depravity supported by rich ppl who play the poor for fools are taking power in the US.

I feel so powerless. Staring into the nazi abyss again.

Died on the beach


Cesar Altieri Sayoc at a Trump rally

If this takes hold

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Mccarthyism 2018

So America is breaking down, slowly going into a oligarch state.

The collapse of communism, it never was, it was a dictatorshop, is now happening to the USA, democracy no longer withstands capitalism.

Watched the Peter Strzok interview. The first few minutes made it clear, this was new Mccarthyism, it;s a scary thing happening now. Republicans attacking anyone who is not for Trump, accusing them of being the deep state. Like Mccarthy accusing everyone who did not fall in line of being a traitor, a communist

The republican party falls in line with Trump. So here we have a real threat to a democracy. History repeating itself.

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Hell is empty, all the Devils are here

May brave Spirit! Who was so firm, so constant, that this coil did not infect
his Reason?
Not a soul But felt a Feaver of the mind, and play’d some tricks of
desperation; all, but Mariners, plung’d in the foaming brine, and quit the
Vessel: the Duke’s Son, Ferdinand, with hair upstairing (more like Reeds
than Hair) was the first man that leap’d; cry’d, Hell is empty, and all the
Devils are here.

Trump Putin Erdogan the third world war

Trump Putin Erdogan

There is a brutal war going on in the middle east. We have Putin, Erdogan and Isis on the driving seat.

Let’s imagine that there will be another driver, Donald Hitler Trump.

They all have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This makes the situation very dangerous. Three mentally challenged persons in the driving seat at the moment when there is a war going on that is the most brutal since World War II.

So Trump Putin Erdogan have a Personality Disorder. Erdogan tries to get NATO in his dirty war. With Trump in the hot seat he will succeed.

So let wind the clock forward a bit.  Putin will be still be bombing the hell out of Syria with no regard for civilians casualties. Trump is elected.  Turkey shoots another one of Putins planes down. He now reacts by shooting down Turkish plane that is on a bombing run. Trying to hit the Kurds. The plane is blown up. So Erdogan calls on NATO article 5

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