Mccarthyism 2018

So America is breaking down, slowly going into a oligarch state.

The collapse of communism, it never was, it was a dictatorshop, is now happening to the USA, democracy no longer withstands capitalism.

Watched the Peter Strzok interview. The first few minutes made it clear, this was new Mccarthyism, it;s a scary thing happening now. Republicans attacking anyone who is not for Trump, accusing them of being the deep state. Like Mccarthy accusing everyone who did not fall in line of being a traitor, a communist

The republican party falls in line with Trump. So here we have a real threat to a democracy. History repeating itself.

Original tracks by:

Trying My Best To Move Forward by Daniel Birch

Kountz by Yan Terrien

Reprise Green Gusher by Rezz


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