Texas girl of the week – arch

Texas girl of the week - arch


  • ankle strap – a strap attached near the end of the shoe that fastens to the ankle
  • arch (foot) – the high, curved part of the foot between the ball of the foot and heel
  • arch (shoe) – the curved part of the midsole designed to support the arch of the foo
  • boot – a type of shoe that covers the whole foot and extends anywhere from right above the ankle bone all the way up to the thigh; boots can be casual, dressy, or practical
  • flat – a shoe with no heel or a very low heel
  • insole – the inner part of the shoe’s sole that cushions the foot; see also footbed
  • peep toe – a type of toe design that allows the toe to be shown through a small opening in the shoe
  • suede – leather that has been sanded or roughed to create a soft texture on its surface
  • wedge heel – a type of heel that extends down to meet the sole, filling out the space between the ball and back of the shoe, creating a flat sole surface

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