How to mute individual tabs in chrome

Until today I was very annoyed that I  could not mute  individual tabs in chrome. As always I turned to more than 47 billion pages of the almighty World Wide Web that are index by search engines like Google and Bing. 47 billion that is 47 with 9 zeros. Anyways How to mute individual tabs in chrome Here’s the fix the how to the ultimate solution and tutorial. 1. Type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting into Chrome’s address bar and press Enter. 2. Click enable. 3. Restart Chrome. And now you know how to mute individual tabs in chrome. Harry Potter eat your hearth out. The really smart kids figured out by now that this doesn’t work on Safari or Firefox. So download your Chrome browser. For the 64 bit version click download Chrome for another platform.  

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Display driver has stopped working and has recovered

So there is a fucking problem with the Nvida drivers. The error: Display driver has stopped working and has recovered. Could mean everything. From fucked hardware to conflicting drivers. So there are a lot of fixes. From reg editor, sucking dust out of your pc to buying a new graphics card. The following seems to work for me, kind of. The Display driver has stopped working and has recovered crashes are almost gone. 1) Start –> Control Panel -> Power Options: Change to “High Performance” instead of the default “Balanced”. After this click “change plan settings” then click “change advanced power settings” and in this menu click PCI Express , “Link State Power Management” and make sure this is set to “Off”. 2) Open “Nvidia Control Panel” (C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationControl Panel Client) and at the option “Manage 3D settings” at “Power Management Mode” make sure you change to “Prefer Maximum Performance” instead of the default “adaptive” option. And: Fuck you Windows   So fix your Display driver has stopped working and has recovered

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Databending Currupt video image glitch and export to animated gif

I like databending, it’s a a bit unpredictable.

Corrupt Video is kind of databending.

The Software (Corrupt.Video) allows its users to glitch videos stored on their computer, videos from their webcam or their desktop in realtime. When a clip is recorded, a 10 seconds video and an animated GIF are saved locally and automatically uploaded to

Here are some sampels I made.

A video Glitch made into a Coub. Orginal track by  Le Matin



Apps won’t update in App Store fix

I ran into the problem that my apps couldn’t update in the App Store. The update all option is greyed out and when I touch update, the app will open instead of updating. I did nothing special with my iPhone, the problem just appeared. Apps won’t update in App Store fix Here’s a fix. Go into the App Store Go to search Type in the name of the app When it appears touch open and then it will update Did you find another fix fot apps won’t update in the App Store ? Please let me know in the comment box.

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Databending Audacity tutorial

In this case databending is opening a image file as a sound file and editing it in Audacity. Audacity being software for recording and editing audio. I used Audacity to edit pictures with the Audacity audio effects. Above 2 examples. This is what the 1st picture sounds like Databending Audacity tutorial – Save a picture as a .BMP file – Open Audacity – Import RAW data Use the following RAW data settings: The picture is now a sound file – Apply audio effects. – Export > Other uncompressed files > Options And there you have it. A picture edited in a audio software. Here my databending Snow White remix Download Audacity Databending Audacity tutorial.  

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