The rise and fall of Barack Obama.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  The day that Barack Obama was elected for his 1st term. After 8 years of Buch’es lying and decifing. Making a mess of the world not seen for 50 years.. It seemed that here was a president who would make things right. It sparked the hope like John F. Kennedy  did in the darkest days of the cold war.

But now after nearly 6 years it turned out to be a glimmer of light that never burned, a rain front that passes. The rise and fall of  Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Bush has left such a mess in the world that it will take more than 20 years to mend. So I will give him still the benefit of the doubt and hope he will do right at the end.

I made the remix  The rise and fall of  Barack Obama, for me, it represents the rise and possible fall of Obama.

Original track: Bleak house – Skirting boards. Visit the artist @FMA 

Epic moment in time

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  1. I still have the hope Obama will shine because he can

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